Advent Schedule for 2011

December 18th – Christmas Joy Dinner and Program with dinner at 5:30pm and the program at 7pm.

December 24th – Christmas Eve Communion/Candlelight Service – Will be held at the traditional time of 7pm.

Christmas Day Service – After consulting many in the congregation and clarification of pastor’s family’s holiday plans, Sunday Service on Christmas Day will be held at our traditional time of 11am. There will be no Sunday School of children or adults. And all the hymns sung, at present, will be acappella. The service will be lead by Pastor Mike, who will leave on vacation immediately following.


Church Picnic Pictures Posted on FB

It took a little while, but here are some pictures from our 2011 Church Picnic in September.  If you’re on facebook, click on the link and you will be able to see all the pictures from this album and others as well!


Open Letter to the Congregation

In the 25 September bulletin, the Stewardship committee sent a Open Letter to the Congregation concerning stewardship and mission. The letter is available here – Letter.

9/11 Observances

On the Ten Anniversary of 9/11, Chatham Presbyterian, like many churches across this nation, focused on the tragedies of the attacks. In remembrance and consideration of the time, the events and the many broken hearts, the full service of Chatham Presbyterian as recorded is provided here along with the sermon delivered at Beverly Chapel.

Recording of Full Service & Beverly Chapel Sermon


Slowly, I have been adding to the site. Right now, anyone visiting the site should be able to contact me, they should be able to find out what denomination we are, who is our presbytery, and to read or listen to the sermon. Eventually, I will have a schedule up or at least our standard cycle of events. I am still interested in knowing what the community using this would like to see.


Pastor Mike

Expansion of Site

I know many do not know about this site yet since I have not really published its address but for those coming on board, I have expanded the site so I can now begin to post the audio versions of the sermon.

For well over a year now, I have been recording the worship services at both Beverly Chapel and Chatham church. I began to do this because, as many who have read my written sermons and then listened to the preached version realize, the two rarely match. Yes, they follow along the similar lines but since I do not read the developed manuscript, the two diverge greatly. Thus, to retain what was spoken because I always hope that is always the better witness to the glory and word of God, I decided to record all services (if I remember or the batteries do not die). SO …

If you are interested in listening to the sermon, I have added a new page under the Media table. The audio files listed there will be MP3’s. They can be listen to from your computer, downloaded to any MP3 player and can be imported to iPods and similar devices. If you want to listen to them and need help, just contact me and we will see what can be done.

Pastor Mike

Launching of New Site

Well, after a little practice and test, I decided to finally launch the new website for Chatham Presbyterian. Enjoy. There is not much here yet, but give me some time. We will slowly add more and more.

Right now, it is mostly, data about me and the latest Ministry of Words. Hopefully, as soon as I can get this upgraded, I will start to post the recordings of the sermon. Then we will add some photos and other material.

Pastor Mike.